Look at what our Customers say about Natures Best Bedding

Sharon Whiteway - Owner and Trainer

Lara Whiteway - Rider

"After using this bedding we have not only discovered it is cheaper than shavings but we have also found it much quicker and efficient to muck out and have lots less waste so we are saving on our midden removal too. I was very dubious about switching to this product as we have tried others that have over promised and under delivered but after a 2 week trial in one of our stables we have made this the only bedding we now use."

Joss Gray - Event Rider www.jossgray.com

"Half the time to muck out and is fantastic value for such a great looking, dust free bed!"

Caroline Robins - Owner, Trainer and Rider

"Changing anything when it comes to your horses is a difficult decision, I took the plunge and tried natures best. It is not only an alternative to shavings its better, cleaner, quicker and cheaper"