4 Easy Steps to Using Our Bedding

Step 1

For an approximate stable size of 12ft x 12ft you will require 8 - 10 bags of Natures Best Bedding, if you intend to use stable mats as well as our stable bedding then only 5 - 6 bags will be needed.

Step 2

Spread the compressed pellets evenly across the stable area leaving an approximate 2 inch thickness throughout.

Step 3

Sprinkle 20 - 25 litres of cold water across the prepared pellets.

Step 4

Leave the product for approximately 30 minutes to expand into a perfectly fluffy white stable bedding.

Daily Stable Maintenance

Your daily stable maintenance is substantially reduced with our stable bedding as you only have to remove the manure from the bed and the whole process is made easier with one of our specially designed fine tine forks. You then rotate the wet areas incorporating them in to the dry base. The areas saturated with urine should be removed at the same time as the manure to insure the animals comfort. One bag added per week in the stable is the normal requirement however this will depend on the amount of excretion activity from the animal.