25 13.6kg Bags Natures Bedding Crumbled Pellet Bedding

at £4.00

Natures Bedding Crumbled animal bedding is a pelletised carbon neutral product made from softwood shavings and sawdust. The pellets expand to more than 4 times there volume resulting in a fluffy wood fibre bed.

Each 73 bag pallet is packaged with a hood and is double shrink rapped for easy delivery and storage. Our bedding can be stored outside and will last for the entire winter season. The expanding pellets make for easy storage and take up less than half the space of bales, shavings or any alternative products.

Allowing extra time for the watered pellets to dry results in significantly more efficiency from our bedding. A standard 12ft x 10ft stable will need 8-10 bags of natures best, 25-30 litres of cold water and 30-40 minutes drying out time.

Our product also offers a significant reduction in stall waste which is generated by the breakdown of the product meaning increase use for composting. An advantage being the waste product becomes a more valuable gardening supplement.

Total Price for 25 bags : £100.00