What is Natures Best?

What is our bedding for horses made from?

This product was made from sawmill waste, no trees were purposefully harvested to manufacture this material and it is Carbon Neutral.

White softwood shavings and sawdust are reduced to a small granular size in the mill and then subjected to intense heat to remove the majority of the moisture and impurities. It then passes through a pelletizing machine under extreme pressure and heat, further reducing the moisture content and emerges in the pellet state as we know it. The pellet is bonded by the natural lignum found in the wood fiber and there are no other additives in this process. The newly formed pellet bedding for horses and other animals then passes through several dust extractors and onto the packaging line where it is bagged.

What are the benefits?

Wood pellet bedding for horses and other animals is a healthy and long-lasting alternative to shavings and straw. Pellet bedding usage provides an overall yearly cost reduction based on a 65 bag usage per horse. The labor fact is reduced by 50% due to the efficiency of the pellet bedding in mucking the stalls. There is a 40% reduction in stall waste for disposal and in composting, the breakdown of product is faster and the product is more valuable as a gardening supplement. The ammonia smells from the animals urine is quickly absorbed, insuring a fresher smell in the barn area.