Natural Animal Bedding

Natures Best Bedding specialise in a natural alternative for animal and horse bedding.

Extra Comfort

Natures Best Horse Bedding is made from white softwood shavings which have been reduced to a smaller granular size by a hammer mill, they are then pelletised and sterile.

Space Saving

Natures Best Horse Bedding contains less than 4% moisture, this makes the pellet denser and requires far less storage room than other types of animal and horse bedding materials.

3 Reasons to use Natures Best Animal and Horse Bedding

1. Save time and money

Using our animal and horse bedding means mucking out time is cut by two thirds as you only remove the manure from the bed with are fine tine fork. No more bedding on the muck heap which

take years to rot down.

2. Easy to store and handle

Our 13.6 kg bags are easy to handle no more back breaking bales to lump about. Natures Best animal and horse bedding is easy to store it comes on a standard pallet that can be stored outside

until you need it and takes up less that half the space as bales of shavings or other products.

3. Superior Absorbency Factor

Natures Best is so compressed that it will expand some four times its own volume to form fluffy white wood fibre animal and horse bedding. It is extremely absorbent

and will soak up to four times its own weight.